India is a two-masted schooner. Her dimensions are 36' LOD, 12' beam, 4-1/2' draft, documented net 9 tons. She is solidly built of swamp cypress planking copper-riveted to white oak frames. The full keel is cast iron. She was built in 1932 based on plans from Sam Crocker that appeared in The Rudder magazine.

As nearly as anyone can tell, India began life in 1932 as Charlene of Chicago. Nobody is sure who built her, but here she is being launched, maybe into the Chicago river (courtesy of Sam Crocker's boatyard).

The writing on the back of this photo reads "A splendid snapshot of her just before launching" ... "Chester W. Heim" ... "Charlene of Chicago"

I believe that I am the fourth owner of India. Here she is fully rigged at a mooring, date and place unknown.

Sometime during the late '70s or early '80s, new masts were built. They are currently stored next to the hull

Here is how she looked when I bought her. The interior had been gutted, and she came with about 4 van-loads of various pieces and parts.

In 2017 I floated her and moved her under her own steam to Milwaukee Yacht Club, where she is today. This is where the Meetups are during the Summer.